Simplas dies are suitable for different application fields

Film - Sheet

Film and sheet production processes cover a wide range of widths, thicknesses and polymers.

Our experienced technicians will support customers with specific solutions for any kind of film or sheet production...

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Cast film

Cast film process for single-layer or multi-layer films production.

Cast film means : extensible film, barrier film, polypropylene film, high transparency film and other flexible packaging

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Extrusion Coating

Extrusion Coating process for coated and laminated film production.

Simplas S.p.A. develops automatic dies with internal deckels for web width control.

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Orientated film

Orientated films are often used for flexible packaging solutions. For thes products an even layer distribution is fundamental requirement.

Simplas S.p.A. produces special single and multi-layer dies for orientated film production.


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Hot-melt coating

HM type dies are used for Hot-melt adhesives application on different support materials.

Simplas S.p.A. dies for Hot-melt contact application provide an even grammage profile and "nice looking" surface.

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