Our technicians work to develop continuous improvement

Technical support

Technical support on extrusion processes

Simplas technicians will support customers in finding the best solutions according to their requests.

Simplas will provide to its customers deep knowledge in polymers rheology and lab analysis for the best possible technical solution for all production units.

Simplas technicians will support customers decisions to achieve the best production efficiency.


Flat dies revamping

Flat dies and other extrusion lines components  may require maintenance or modifications after years of production or because of accidental damages. Simplas technicians will advise customers about the most convenient required service.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations.

Spare parts

Spare parts supply

Simplas S.p.A. is able to provide all spare parts even for old flat dies projects. 

All flat dies produced by Simplas show an engraved serial number which defines all specific components. 

Simplas technicians are trained to rework other manufacturers dies.




Start-up and after-sale support


Simplas staff is accurately trained to assist the start-up of your production line.

After-sale support will provide efficiency, productivity and safety on Simplas SpA customers production lines.